Hey! If there is any violent or inappropriate games, please refrain from them. But, I think that there aren't any too violent or inappropriate games. Anyways, if there is, just don't play them, please! 



Here are some fun games that obviously are for you to play, so ENJOY THE GAMES!!  

Game Ideas:

Cotton Ball Game

To play this, you'll need:

-four large bowls

-two large spoons

-many packs of cotton balls

To play, you'll also need at least six people split up into two distinct teams. To set up, put the two large bowls by each team on the same side. Put the other two bowls, which are full of cotton balls, on the other side of the teams. The object of the game is to bring the cotton balls from the bowl on the other side, to the bowl by the team with the large spoon. Whoever fills up their bowl first, wins the game!!